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There's a great new movie for fathers to watch with sons entering manhood. Here's a preview:

Military history blends with a human biography rich in life lessons on leadership, courage, perseverance against overwhelming obstacles, and the willingness to painfully confront one's own failures and move ahead as a much wiser person. (Authentic masculinity is righteous, protective, and self-sacrificing; never toxic.)

The entire feature-length film can be streamed free of charge (for now) RIGHT HERE. (For the best viewing experience, watch it on your home television using the Rumble app, available for Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, AppleTV, or LG Smart TV. Then, just search for the movie entitled MacArthur's Wars.)

RETURNING JULY 18: The American Testimony

Your complete home-school video series on a single USB stick.


It has never been more elegantly simple to bring a video companion piece to any full-year High School United States History curriculum you are using at home, whether the textbook materials come from Abeka, Charlotte Mason, BJU, ACE, Alpha Omega, Hearts for Him, or other trusted source.

These are NOT boring lecture videos. Click here to see samples of the program content.

NEW AND IMPROVED: With greater ease, you can select the particular video segment that corresponds to the particular history lesson being taught that day or week. No more having to search for the cue point on a 2-hour tape or DVD chapter menu. Just refer to the printable document on the USB stick (or click here to get it on this website) and select the specific streaming file that best matches the topic and time period being studied.

Here's something you rarely see during these inflationary days: It's less expensive than ever to own The American Testimony! Not long ago, we had to charge $69.99 for the entire series in order to cover the material costs for DVD distribution. But now, all the video content is yours on a single USB stick for a MUCH LOWER PRICE (add to your shopping cart to see just how much) and SHIPPING IS FREE (to mailing addresses in the United States only).

 This series is temporarily unavailable, but will return on July 18, 2024.

More Free Movies to Stream Online:

World War I (2003)

World War 1 (1914 - 1918), also known as "The Great War," marked a pivotal time in history when mechanized fighting rendered prior forms of combat obsolete. From the first highly consequential gunshots at Sarajevo to the final repercussions of the Treaty of Versailles, this concise, all-encompassing historical account, depicted through authentic film and photographic archives of the period, provides a "big picture" perspective on the conflict that took more than ten million lives. (Running time 95 minutes.)

CLICK HERE to watch World War 1 now on Vimeo. (No login required.)

World War II (2004)

Finally, the complete, chronological history of World War 2 (1939 - 1945), concisely presented in a single motion picture. Everything you need to know is here, from the global conflict's origins to its aftermath. Through recorded images documented by combat and newsreel cinematographers, you'll witness the terror, destruction, courage, and hope of those living through those challenging times. (Running time: 120 minutes.)

CLICK HERE to watch World War 2 now on Vimeo. (No login required.)

The Korean War (2006)

Five years after the end of World War II, Russia and China tested the resolve of the United States and other Western democracies by backing communist North Korea's invasion of its fledgling democratic counterpart to the south. This film provides a concise, yet detailed overview of the war that followed from 1950 to 1953. This was the first "limited" conflict, resulting with a perpetually unsettled "temporary" ceasefire that endures even today. Moreover, the United States led the military campaign without the necessary declaration of war from Congress. (Running time: 84 minutes.)

CLICK HERE to watch The Korean War now on Vimeo. (No login required.)

United States Government: Origin, Structure, and Intent (2003)

The Constitutional Convention of 1787 brought many of the most astute minds together for the monumental task of constructing a government like none the world has seen. Drawing upon the philosophical, scriptural, and empirical lessons of the past, America's founders forged a system of governance superior to any other in the world. Rich in essential information, this program explores the ideological foundations of governance, then takes you on a journey through the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The meanings of these documents are further explained through the words of their authors. (Running time: 112 minutes.)

CLICK HERE to watch United States Government now on Vimeo. (No login required.)

(Come back to this site now and then to check for new additions to the streaming library.)

And as always, texts of the major Documents of American History are still here for you to examine.

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