History is a treasury of life lessons. Here are your crash courses.

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Stand firm. Keep the faith.
Need to find texts of all the great documents, speeches, and letters that defined our nation?  They're all here at history2u.com!

Documents of American History and antiquities.The Constitution of the United States, Mayflower Compact, Gettysburg Address, and many, many other vital documents of American History are stored in our online library to give you a quick, one-stop center for reference and study.  

Whether you're writing an essay for school, or just need to confirm what is and what is not a guaranteed constitutional right, you will be equipped with the tools you need to get it fast and straight.  

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We have always tried to give away as much as we could (such as the free educational pages that were on this site for many years), or at least charge as close to cost as possible for our store products.

Although we are no longer manufacturing many of our DVD titles, we still have a lot in stock that we need to move out.  This means huge savings for you!  We are actually giving away FREE movies with our bundled sets, and on other items, you will find vastly reduced prices.  
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Attention Teachers (including Homeschoolers): if you're seeking ways to incorporate our DVDs into your curriculum materials, we have handy guides to help.

Guides for teachingIf you are familiar with our movies, you already know that they are visually riveting, with no boring "talking head" lecturers on the screen.  Since this is a superior method keeping viewers' attention, it is understandable that conscientious educators and homeschool parents would want to use our videos in their lesson plans.

The DVD Chapter Guides explain the content covered in each segment, as well at the video running times, so that you can synchronize texts and daily lessons to easily accessible sequences on each DVD.  (We authored our DVD movies with menus showing each segment, enabling you to go quickly to that point in the presentation.)

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If we want to avert the next Great Depression, we'd better learn the REAL lessons from the last big one! 

The Great Depression and FDR's New Deal: Get the DVD now!The schools have sold us the "official story" of the Great Depression: the stock market crashed due to greedy over-speculation; individual families worsened the banking crisis by hoarding their savings; and most Americans were hopelessly jobless and hungry -- until President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal program restored the economy and put everyone back to work.

But is that really what happened?

The Great Depression and FDR's New Deal is a movie that dispenses with the old smoke-screen mythology and focuses on evidence-based reality.  In the past, too many documentarians have tried to influence everyone's political views instead of simply providing the complete, objective information needed to truly create a better future.  That's where our film stands out from the crowd.

Check out a bit of it for yourself.  We've uploaded the first 5 minutes of this film on YouTube.  SEE IT HERE.

Then come back and get the whole 88-minute movie for yourself:


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