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Sample Video Clips from THE AMERICAN TESTIMONY

These excerpts reflect the storytelling style of the content.
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Taken from THE AMERICAN TESTIMONY, Unit 2, Part 5

When covering periods that have no photographic record, period paintings and reenactments provide the visuals that accompany narratives.

Taken from THE AMERICAN TESTIMONY, Unit 5, Part 6

The advent of still photography provides some of the images. They are interspersed with reenactment scenes.

Taken from THE AMERICAN TESTIMONY, Unit 7, Part 5

A combination of early motion picture footage and still photographs provide the visuals for the narrative.

Taken from THE AMERICAN TESTIMONY, Unit 10, Part 6

News clips and photos give viewers an eyewitness perspective to history.

"I have enjoyed learning the history-I-never-knew alongside my children. We greatly appreciated your photos and live footage, and your insightful commentary.... Thank you for the hard work that went into the research, collection of live footage, sequential photos,...and for your insight into the cause and effects of events in our history." — Rebecca B., homeshooling parent

"We have tried numerous history curriculums, only to be disappointed over and over again. I am very pleased with the content of your history videos.... I can't tell you how happy I was to find your product. My husband, a complete History buff, can't be happy enough we finally found something both the kids like, will watch without complaining, and actually seem to be remembering what they're hearing." — Michelle.F., homeschooling parent

"My 8th grade son, homeschooled, and I are really enjoying the video collection.  It is a fantastic supplement to the American History curriculum that I have put together." — Helen M., teacher and homeschooling parent

"I not only know more about my history, but I also understand more about inflation and the economy.  History is my favorite subject, and now I not only love it even more, I understand it much better." — Kendall B., high school senior

"We found (the videos) invaluable in our study of US History and were supplemental in our other college student's college history course....Thank you very much for the fine work you have done." — Sharon M., parent

"Thank you so much! Your service was great and the videos were even better!" — Janet A., viewer

"Thank you very much for this AMAZING history series. It has been the most interesting and memorable history I have ever had. I am very glad I could learn some things about our former presidents that public schools wouldn't teach. History has been one of my favorite subjects in school, and now it is all the more. Thank you for all the time you have put into this production." — Race B., age 14

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