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The following is for owners of the DVD Edition of THE AMERICAN TESTIMONY. 

Discovery and Colonization (1490-1763)


1.       THE AGE OF DISCOVERY (17 minutes, 19 seconds).  Covers Columbusí 1492 discovery of the New World and early Spanish, English and French explorations throughout the mid-sixteenth century.

2.        ENGLISH EXPANSION (5 minutes, 47 seconds).  Covers 16th century events, including the background behind religious turmoil in Europe, the first (unsuccessful) Virginia colony, and Englandís war with Spain. 

3.         JAMESTOWN (10 minutes, 39 seconds).  Covers the first three decades of the 17th century.  Includes Englandís difficult colonization of Jamestown, from the days of John Smith and Pocahontas to the establishment of the House of Burgesses.  Samuel de Champlainís founding of Quebec (for France) and the martyrdom of Father Brebeuf are also included in this section.

4.       FREEDOM OF FAITH (12 minutes, 31 seconds).  Covers the origins of religious persecution in 17th century Europe, the Pilgrimsí journey on the Mayflower (and subsequent encounters with the Samoset and Squanto, leading to the first Thanksgiving), and the establishment of colonies in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

5.        COLONIAL EXPANSION (9 minutes, 45 seconds).  Covers Englandís founding of New Hampshire and Maryland, Hollandís founding of New Amsterdam, the English Civil War, the English takeover of New Amsterdam (New York), and the establishment of Carolina, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

6.        THE COMMERCE COLONIES (9 minutes, 8 seconds).  Covers the competition between English and French merchants in establishing of trade relations with the Indians, and explains the effects of British mercantilism on the Chesapeake Bay colonies during the latter half of the 17th century.  This section also recounts  indentured servitude, the ďheadrightĒ system, the first Navigation Acts, battles with Dutch trading companies, and Baconís Rebellion.

7.        THE DOMINION OF NEW ENGLAND (10 minutes, 6 seconds).  Covers late-seventeenth century events in New England, including King Philipís War (the first significant war between colonists and Indians), Englandís Glorious Revolution (1688),  Leislerís Rebellion in New York (an early attempt to overthrow a colonial government), and the Salem witch trials.

8.        BORDER SKIRMISHES, POPULATION GROWTH, AND SPIRITUAL RENEWAL  (13 minutes, 36 seconds).  Covers King Williamís War AND Queen Anneís War (resulting in England's military dominance over Europe), the influx of non-English European immigration to the colonies, and the settlement of the Georgia colony by inmates from debtors' prisons in England.  This segment concludes with an account of the Great Awakening, a widespread spiritual revival that united  inhabitants of separate colonies into a single American nation.

9.        NATURAL LAW AND THE FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR (14 minutes, 43 seconds).  Examines the intertwining of European ďAge of ReasonĒ ideas with Great Awakening values, culminating in a natural rights doctrine that included  freedom of the press (Zenger trial).  This segment includes a profile of Benjamin Franklin, as well as a concise account of  the conflict between the English colonists and combined French and Indian fighters  (depicting the emergence of George Washington as a military figure). 


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